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Amplify Festival 2015 | June 1 - 5

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Every two years Amplify Festival invites the world’s boldest thinkers to take you to the edge of business innovation, disruptive technologies and emerging trends.

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Amplify Festival 2015 Theme 

Re_think everything

Re_wire systems and processes for speed, agility, open innovation and rapid scaling

Re_late to the heart and soul of your customers for brand love and loyalty

Re_fire the creative spark for a culture of transparency, experimentation and collaboration



Is Big Data changing what it means to be human?

Are wearables, online dating and the Internet of Things just getting in the way? An interview with Amplify Festival 2015 speaker Dr Norman Lewis.

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Crowdfunding is a boost for science but it cannot replace core state investment

If funding needs to be crowd-pleasing, academically valuable but not-so-sexy topics might be less successful at attracting money. This could put certain fields under strain and cause problems later on in the innovation cycle.

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Does 'brain training' actually work?

Brain training is so hot right now. It’s like cross-fit for your grey stuff. But are these brain training apps all they’re cracked up to be? Prof. Amanda Barnier thinks exercise (like actual crossfit) might be your best bet. 

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Wear to from here? Wearables in 2015

From Fitbits to Google Glass, there’s been a lot of talk about the new wave of wearable technology that’s about to come crashing down. But has there been there enough talk about the associated data privacy issues? Senior Editor at CNET, Nic Healey, weighs in to the conversation. By Marcus Costello Image References: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3

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